Elkwood Stud

About Natasha and Elkwood Stud

 I started keeping rats in 2007, with 5 pet does; Mei Xie, Kai Ying, Daiyu, Minnow and Suzume. In 2008 I took on Elliot and Sprocket, two rescue boys. My first 'breeder' bred rats came from Warrensark Stud (then rattery) and Comis Stud and were the lovely Riki and Pan (Warrensark Liquorice Satin and Spanish Gold) and Cinders (Comis Cinder Toffee).

In 2009 I decided to look into starting breeding, with a focus on some rather less common varieties; Platinum and Powder Blue. With advice from various breeders and fanciers, particularly Ann Storey of Rivendell Stud, I took on my first stock, and my first litters were born in August 2009. Since then, the varieties I breed have somewhat diversified and fluctuated, but my specialism will always be Platinum Agouti. At the 2010 AGM, Platinum Agouti was fully standardised, and Platinum and related variety Quicksilver followed in due course. 

These days I breed for Platinum/Platinum Agouti, in smooth coats, though I am working towards rex. However, our litters often yield Agouti, Powder Blue, Black, Chocolate, Lilac, Havana/American Mink, Quicksilver, Rex and other varieties. My rats are well known for their excellent temperaments, making them exceptional pets and show animals.

Elkwood Jericho doing PR for animal welfare at Lush Cosmetics, Southampton