Elkwood Stud

How to apply.

To apply for kittens, please copy and complete the questions below into a blank email and send it to elkwoodrats@hotmail.com and I will answer as soon as I can.

These questions will help me to offer advice where required and learn more about you as a potential owner. There are not necessarily wrong or right answers to these questions. 

I do not home rats to persons under the age of 16. If you are under the age of 16, please speak to your parent or guardian prior to application for their consent and support and apply together. It is against the law to sell an animal to anyone under the age of 16.

I only home rats in same sex pairs or trios etc- I do not home single kittens UNLESS they are going to join kittens of the same gender within a 4 week age range, and prefer not to do this either. I do not generally home rats to be used for breeding. 

I charge £20 per kitten, which goes towards the costs of keeping and rearing the litter and ensuring their mum has every comfort. 

1) have you homed rats from a NFRS breeder before? If so, who?

2) have you kept rats before? If so, please elaborate.

3) do you have written permission from the owner of your accommodation to keep pets at the premises?

4) are you over the age of 16?

5) are you registered with a vet? Do they have experience with small animals?

6) what sort of cage will you be keeping them in? If you have a photo please attach.

7) what sort of food are you intending to feed them?

8) do you have any existing rats? Will you be intending to introduce the new rats to these rats? Do you have additional caging in the meantime and if these intros don't work?

9) do you have any variety/gender/number preferences?

10) are you able to collect the rats from Southsea, Hampshire?

11) do you have any questions for me?